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Who is eligible to join Redding Newcomers & Friends?

If you are new to the Redding area within the last two years, you may join any time within that two-year period.  If you are a long time resident, you may be sponsored for membership by a current member of Redding Newcomers.

How to Become a Member:

•  Email us for information about the Welcome Coffee and Redding Newcomers.  It's easy to do -- just fill out the response box that pops up when you click on Contact Us at the top of the Website --- and send it  - OR

•  Attend a Welcome Coffee where you'll meet others who are thinking about joining.  You'll learn about how the group functions and about all the activities and events available to members.  Coming to the Welcome Coffee means you'll meet new friends right away - others who know exactly what it means to be a Newcomer!  This is the best way to join.  Contact us for information -

•  Come to a General Meeting with a member and pick up an application.  Meet over 100 of our almost 400 members and learn a bit about the Redding area -

•  Send
a note to:  Redding Newcomers, c/o First Vice President, P.O. Box 494204, Redding, CA 96049, requesting information about the Welcome Coffee.

If you aren't sure about joining Redding Newcomers, you may attend a Welcome Coffee, one General Meeting, and two Activities or Special Events before applying for membership.

Once you're a member you'll receive a monthly newsletter called "The Welcome Mat", which lists the next months' special events and activities.  You'll also receive a club roster.