Printing Tips



PRINT OPTIONS:  Sometimes you do not want to print everything that is on the screen or in a document.  Here are some print options and how to perform them.  In each case do not use the printer icon to print but proceed as follows:                                                                      



Make sure your cursor is on the page that you want to print.
Then Pull File down on the menu, click on Current Page, and continue as usual for your printer.


Highlight what you want to print.
Then Click on File on the menu, click on Selection, and continue as usual for your printer.


Click on File on the menu, click on Page and type in the pages you want to print as is shown in the example below the page box and briefly explained here.

Want to Print different pages insert comma between each page.

When you want to print a select group of pages (known as a range) - like pages 6 through 10 then type in 6-10.

Many computers will allow you to print pages in reverse -- 5,4,2,1 - why would you want to do this?  So when the pages are printed, they are stacked in order.


To see what side of the paper your printer prints on-place a small penciled x on the top of the paper with that end going into the printer first.

Look and see which side was printed on as compared to the X and then place paper in printer so that that same side won't be printed on again.

For most HP printers you have to turn the paper over.  Many Lexmarks you do not have to turn paper over. Epson, I don't know.  If someone knows, let me know.

Then, you can print current page and place paper correctly to print the next page (don't forget to move your cursor) and print.

After you select Print if there is a Copies and Pages section, pull down the menu and select Paper Handling.  It will give you the Option of printing odd or even pages.  When the first group is printed, you turn the paper over and print the opposite group.  (odd then even or vice versa).

If you are really daring, you can print various pages - 1,3,5,7 - then place paper in printer and say print 2,4,6,8.  If you have success at any of this and want to let me know by e-mail, please do!!!  Sharon Roberts


There are variables to this task.  This depends on how the site is set up.  Here are some suggestions:

Most of the time, you only want to print some of the text not all the text from the site.  Sooo HIGHLIGHT the text you want to print, RIGHT MOUSE CLICK and choose PRINT, then choose SELECTION and print as usual.

If you think you would like to print what you are looking at but wonder how many pages it is, then click on FILE, then click on PRINT PREVIEW, and at the top you can see how many pages it is. Using the arrow to the right will let you look at each page. Then you can decide if you want to print all of the pages or just select pages or just a selection of text.  As far as printing certain pages or all pages, this can be accomplished right on the print preview screen by clicking on print and choosing the command to fit what you want to print.  If you want to print a selection of text, then close that screen and go back to the text and highlight it and print selection.