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Activities - M thru Z


MAH JONGG -- Meets First and Third Monday


Mah Jongg Tiles

                                                                                                                        This group meets in members' homes at 10:00 AM. Each member purchases a playing card yearly from the National Mah Jongg League in 

New York City which explains the rules and hands permitted to play for the year beginning April 1. Beverages are served and reservations are required. Periodically lessons are taught to ladies wishing to learn how to play.


  MEXICAN TRAIN -- Meets First Tuesdaymt


Ladies meet at 1:00 PM to play this domino game. It's a fun game that lends itself to a lot of chatter and laughter. The group meets in members' homes. Beverages will be served and reservations are required. If you want to have a "girls afternoon out", this would be a fun group to join.


MATINEE & CRITIQUE -- To be Determined by Members


Movie Goers 



 Is there a movie you would like to see, but nobody to go with you? Call the Chairperson of this group and see if somebody else would like to go. There is a list of ladies wishing to attend movies and a telephone tree in place. One phone call starts the ball rolling and then you are off to the movies. If you would like to be on the Movie List, call the Chairperson and the next time they go to the movies you will receive a call.



NEEDLENUTS -- Meets First Wednesday


Ladies meet in members' homes at 1:00 PM and light snacks are provided so bringnn your projects (knitting, crocheting, tatting, or similar activities that you use a needle to complete).  You may use the time to work on your project or ask for assistance if you need help.  We love  to share so join us and you may discover a new hobby.  There's LOTS of conversation and  laughs.   Reservations are required.



OUT TO LUNCH BUNCH -- Meets Third Tuesday


This group meets for lunch at different restaurants following the monthly board meetings. However, it is not just for board members; all members are invited. Starting time is 12:30 PM and the location announced each month. Reservations are required.


ani wine

PICK OF THE VINE -- Meets Fourth Thursday                          


The group samples different wines to be selected by the hostess and enjoy appetizers and conversation.  A spouse or a guest is invited to participate.  Reservations are required.


 PHOTO BUGS -- Currently Inactive                         


This group meets in various locations at 10:00 AM and is open to photographers of

camera cheese

all skill levels.  We can exchange ideas, techniques, and friendly suggestions and will include speakers, workshops, and field trips to many local photo shoots.  Reservations are required.

PINOCHLE -- Times Vary

   Pinochle Cards

There are many established ladies-only and couples pinochle groups. They meet at various times during the day and evening. Some groups meet in members' homes and some meet at restaurants to have lunch and then play. If you would like to play pinochle in a group or as a substitute, call the Pinochle Coordinator. She will start new groups when there are enough people to participate and/or place your name on the sub list.



QUILT 'N FRIENDS -- Meets Second Friday



Quilting Friends

This group meets at The Sewing Room on Park Marina Drive at 10:00 AM for refreshments and everything quilt related. They have field trips, demonstrations, "sew-ins", individual projects, and group projects. New ladies who have quilting interests are encouraged to participate. This group is open to anyone interested in quilting. Reservations are required.




 REDD THUMB GARDEN CLUB -- Meets Second Wednesday



Redd Thumb Garden Club

Our gardeners meet at 10:00 AM at a predetermined location. Locations vary depending on the activity of the day. The group shares successes and challenges of gardening in Redding through field trips, guest speakers, and presentations. All members are welcome, but reservations are necessary.


SING-A-LONG  --  Currently Inactive


Come join us for a singer-friendly way to make music and have fun doing it.  The group meets from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.  Location to be announced so check the Newsletter and make your reservation.


STARLIGHT DINING -- Meets Various Dates

The host home and two other couples or ladies, which is a total of six, will provide the total nsdmeal experience.  You will be wined and dined by the host couple beginning the first month. The next two couples will take their turn acting as the host and hostess.  Sign ups will be taken until a determined time and then the chair and co-chair will organize the groups and the three couples will then set mutual dates to enjoy a dining experience.


SUNDAY BRUNCH -- Meets on Various Dates


sbThis group meets at 10:00 AM at one of the local restaurants to sample their Sunday Brunch.  It is a great way to start the day with many fellow Newcomers.  You may bring a guest to this dine-out activity.  Reservations are required.



TEA AND EMPATHY -- Currently Inactive


This group meets at 10:00 AM at members' homes. We won’t always drink Tea, but we always will have Empathy.  As we age, many of us find that we have illnesses or are close to someone with an illness. Many of these illnesses are forms of CANCER. There it is - - that small, awful word that can strike fear into the heartiest of souls. BUT, WE ARE NOT VICTIMS BUT SURVIVORS.  We'll talk about how we feel in the progress of our illness,  how we are doing in our healing and life after. This is a place where if you are caring for a loved one, you may find another kindred soul also under the same stress but has found ways to ease that stress. 


We are not a medical group, knowing only what we know from our own experiences so we definitely do not give medical advice (except maybe - - get a second opinion).  We'll have an e-mail and phone list so if you feel the need to talk to someone, there will be someone who will take the time out from their day to listen.



THEATRE AFFICIANADAS -- Meets on Various Dates




 Attention all theatre buffs!  Do you love plays but often find no one shares that same passion?  If you would enjoy a Sunday matinee community theatre production, dressing up for a Broadway show or even a trip to Ashland for a summer Shakespeare performance, it's here. This group will meet year round and you only attend the plays you select.  It's open to women, spouses and significant others! 




WALKERS  --  Currently Inactive

               Walking Shoes


Enjoy the local trails and countryside (weather permitting).  If the weather prohibits an outside walk, these ladies may become Mall Walkers.  They meet at a predetermined location at 1:30 PM.  Walks are planned to accommodate slow and intermediate activity.  Join this group to get some physical exercise, lose weight, or just all-around feel better.  Reservations are desired.


WHY COOK TONIGHT --  Meets Third Thursday                      Tacos

This is a dining experience to tase different cuisines at local restaurants.  They usually meet around 5 pm for a social hour with dinner to follow.  You may bring a non-Newcomer guest to this activitiy.  Reservations are required.


WRITERS -- Meets Third Monday


Writers meet at 1:00 PM in members' homes.  Beverages and a light snack are provided.  This is an informal group that may select a specific topic to share experiences and ideas through their writings.  Ladies may also select their own writing topic.  there are NO critiques so all levels of writing skills are welcome.  Reservations are required.







Meeting Time & Location Information
Wednesday at 10:00 AM
Redding Elks Lodge
250 Elk Street
Redding, CA 96003  map it
United States


Doors open at 9:30 am     Meeting starts at 10:00 am

Redding Elks Club

Our speaker this month is Aaron Hayes who will talk with us about the Catalyst Mentoring Program.


fpOur food donations made a huge difference to families in need last year. We would like to continue helping hungry children and families that need a bit of help from food pantries at the end of the month. In addition to canned goods and other food, personal care items are always helpful.  At our February meeting look for our car in the parking lot near the front of the Elks Club.

In February we will be supporting the Shasta Senior Nutrition Center.


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